Introducing: New Etsy & Spoonflower Shops

My mother is quite the crafter. Ever since I was very little, she’s had a craft room full scraps of paper, tubes of paint and jars of glitter. Boxes of string, burlap, weathered wood, and rusted metal. And when I was younger, I had a basket of scraps all to myself from where I would create amazing things — like a stellar “#1 Dad” Father’s Day Trophy out of toilet paper rolls, feathers and glitter. (I know what you’re thinking…a toilet paper roll trophy?! Yeah. And this was pre-Pinterest.) I was so proud.

It’s fun to now create things in my little space with Jane by my side, creating new memories and daydreaming about what her childhood will be like and what she’ll remember in 20 years. Those years alongside my mom created a spark of creativity and inquisitiveness that I can’t help but think is good for Jane to experience too. I also believe it’s valuable for her to see her parents enjoying creative hobbies.

So today, I’m excited to announce that I’m launching two new online stores — an Etsy Shop, where I’ll be selling baby gifts and home goods, and my Spoonflower Shop, where you can purchase my designs as fabric, wallpaper, and even wrapping paper!

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Front Yard Make Over

We finally updated our front yard landscaping! We decided to plant knock-out roses and yellow lantanas to withstand our 100 degree days (and lack of gardening knowledge). We also used cedar wood scraps from our backyard fence to make a couple window boxes — didn’t Daniel do a good job? It’s been a fun few weeks, and I can’t wait to see these plants grow bigger and better!

The front was covered with weeds and uneven weed bushes.

After hacking away at everything, we put this wood trim around the bed. You can get a roll at Lowes for $10.

This is from the new Clearfork Farmers Market.

Since the house is so much more visible after taking out all the bushes, I thought it would be nice to add window boxes with vines that would cascade over. Really looking fowrad to those knockout roses growing taller too.

This is a couple of weeks later, so we\'re in need of some edging. But I\'m so glad the roses and lantanas are budding!

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The Blue Dining Buffet

Before Jane was born, I cranked through a ton of house projects. I suppose it was nesting, but I like to think it was a superhuman version of myself with a mission. Nothing motivates you to completely reorganize your closet more than an impending due date!

This project was one I didn’t get to until after she was born. In the early weeks when she was napping for an hour or so, and I was starting to get enough sleep to function. I’d been eyeing buffet tables and floating shelves for a while now, and I really wanted something to fill in the wall next to our dining room table. I knew we wouldn’t be out hunting for a new piece of furniture anytime soon, but that’s what I was all about during my 3am Pinterest pinning marathons. And then it dawned on me that I had an unused dresser in the guest room I could reuse.


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Happy Mother’s Day

Mama and me
with my mom back when I was a newbie

On Mother’s Day last year, I had a pregnancy test that was almost positive (the line was a shadow of a shadow that made you question your eyesight). I told Daniel and we smiled anxiously, saying we’d check again in a couple of days. We took this picture that morning:


The test was positive two days later, and now we have this stinker:


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